BiFi Core的共识机制

BiFi Core的共识机制(proof-of-work)

The new proof-of-work of BiFiCore relies on SHA-3( and CryptoNight( Mixed Mode. This approach is designed to encourage miners to use stored calculation result sets. Reuse of the result set during the mining process can realize the mining function, avoiding a large number of repeated operations and energy consumption.

BiFi Core的工作证明依赖于SHA-3(和CryptoNight(混合模式。这种方法旨在鼓励矿工使用存储的计算结果集。挖掘过程中的结果集的重用可以实现挖掘功能,避免了大量重复操作和能耗。

#Seed generation


source                     algorithm target
[address]                   Generate [hash0]
[hash0+nNonceX] (sha3) [hash1]
[hash1+nNonceX] (sha3) [hash2]
...                         ... ...
[hash1+nNonceX]           (CryptoNight) [hash5120]
[hash5120+nNonceX] (sha3) [hash5121]
[hash8190+nNonceX] (sha3) [hash8191]
[hash0 hash1... hash8191] (sha3) [hashtotal]
[hash0] ^ [hashtotal] [hash0_seed_nNonceX]
[hash1] ^ [hashtotal] [hash1_seed_nNonceX]
... ... ...
[hash8190] ^ [hashtotal] [hash8190_seed_nNonceX]
[hash8191] ^ [hashtotal] [hash8191_seed_nNonceX]

Each nNonce corresponds to a seed file. Each height selects one of the 8192 columns based on the hash value of the previous block and participates in the construction of a new block header.